Squid Poopy Sniper

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  • Squid Poopy Sniper


    From the point of view of the assassin, Sniper deals with all of the problems that come up in the most popular Korean TV show ever. The players that come in last place in competitions such as red light, green light, tug of war, marble, and the glass tile game should be shot and killed. In the playground, are you able to identify the person who broke the cookie? Use your rifle like a proper sniper weapon as soon as you see someone trying to steal the cookie. This first-person shooter game is not going to be fun for you if you aren't a true sniper. The clock is ticking away, and every participant wants to come out on top and take home the significant cash prize. Is the possibility of gaining money in the Korean game worth the potential danger to their lives?  You can move up in the assassination ranks by pulling the trigger on your gun, unlocking more guns and riffles, customizing the guards' uniforms, and giving them new clothes. Become the best sniper you can be by getting rid of all the other players who can't do the tasks.

  • Instructions:

    Mouse to play

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