Run Rabit Run

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  • Run Rabit Run


    In the game "Run Rabbit Run" you will control a rabid rabbit who is ready to take on any challenge. He loves to eat carrots, and also loves adventure and danger. Once, while sitting at home, the rabbit was very hungry, but his refrigerator was empty. He became very angry and ran outside in search of food. In the game, a dangerous world awaits the rabbit with many dangers that threaten his life. The whole game is divided into levels in which the rabbit must collect the maximum number of carrots and arrive at the finish flag as soon as possible. Control the rabbit, run, jump and avoid obstacles. One erroneous move and a rabbit can get on thorns, fall into an abyss, or be sawn into sharp circles. Each level is a new test, which may not be completed immediately. Sometimes, it will take ten or more attempts to manage to get to the finish line surviving. Play with this wonderful rabbit,

  • Instructions:

    run forward and be confident in your abilities Good luck

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