PJ Masks Hidden Heroes

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  • PJ Masks Hidden Heroes


    The PJ Masks return right now with the first-ever memory game online that this category has had, a memory games with cards that there's absolutely no way at all you will not really love playing, since we're talking about a game where you improve your memory with these characters from Disney Junior that you love a lot, an experience that there is no way at all you are not going to love a great deal. We will be explaining how this works right here, so playing the game should be a piece of cake! You can choose to play the game in three different levels of difficulty, each one having a different number of cards to match. You click on two cards at a time to flip them around, and every time that the two cards you have flipped have the same image on them, they no longer remain flipped, but their image remains visible, simple as that. You win the game once you have revealed all of the cards by matching them, and once you have done so in all three levels of difficulty. Good luck, and make sure not to stop here, since more awesome content is on its way right now!

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