Mini Shooter Zombie Survival

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  • Mini Shooter Zombie Survival


    Shooting and killing abilities will be tested in this 3D zombie shooter, where you will be able to put them to the test. Real-world elements of living amid the remains of a long-dead civilization have been included in the game's setting, enhanced with spectacular 3D visuals to bring the scene to life. In this zombie-shooting game, you'll participate in epic killing battles to save humanity and uncover the truth about what has happened. Zombies had taken over the world, and they had infected everyone. If you want to make the most of your last chance to save humanity from extinction, recreate the game for days at a time when you don't have internet. A swarm of stupid zombies infests the 3D gaming screen, preventing you from pausing for even a single second to collect your thoughts. After being assigned to the role of resistance soldier, your only goal is to eliminate everyone else in your way of life.

  • Instructions:

    WASD to walk and mouse to look around and shoot TAB to show the menu

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