Metal Black Wars

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  • Metal Black Wars


    Get ready for a dark battle with your metal man in the Metal Black Wars game! From the moment you land on the field in the Metal Black Wars battle game, you will fight alone against the enemy army. Select the challenging level when starting the game. Start the battle by choosing one of the ”NORMAL“, ”HARD“ and ”CRAZY" options. You will enter the game with a cool helicopter. Fear the eyes of your enemies! Come on, if you've landed, start running towards your enemies. Set your target and attack! You have to keep shooting. Or you will be defeated. You shouldn't let the Lifeline drain. When the enemies are outnumbered, throw your bomb when you realize that you can't handle them. The more enemies you kill, the more gold you will earn. Accumulate and use this gold to buy brand new weapons and become stronger. Powerful weapons will be waiting for you in the store. Take your place in this battle full of adventure and suspense. Don't miss hours of fun!

  • Instructions:

    Movement WASD Directional Keys Attack J Mouse Left Click Jump SPACE Key You can also play by clicking on the control buttons on the screen

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