Spatial Danger – Star and Marco

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  • Spatial Danger – Star and Marco


    Join Star and Marco for a magical adventure in the Spatial Danger game! Help the two heroes of the Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil show to get rid of the aliens! However, try not to harm any terrestrial creatures. Will you complete this challenge without committing any mistakes? Your job is to use Star's magic wand to make all the aliens disappear. They move fast, so having sharp reflexes is a must! How many will you be able to get? Meet Star and Marco to start the challenge, and see you in action! How to play the game Firstly, you should learn how to control the wand! Luckily, it's pretty easy to use magic when you have friends by your side. You only have to look out for the incoming aliens and press the Left Click to make them disappear! Be fast and make sure none will get past you. Your goal is to get rid of as many aliens as possible. Each one will give you some points that will increase your final score! Also, keep an eye out for the shining ones. This type of alien is worth extra points, so you best not miss them! At the same time, you will have a timer to catch them, so it's best to be fast. The last thing you should remember is not to click on the puppies! If you make one disappear, you will lose a big chunk of your points, and your efforts will be in vain. These accidents will be rare if you pay attention, so don't worry!

  • Instructions:

    Use the mouse

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