Plumber Pipes 2D

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  • Plumber Pipes 2D


    The updated edition of the Plumber video game is now available. Plumber 3 is a new way to play the popular game that connects pipes. There are 300 new stages in which you only need to build pipes and fix water pipes to complete the task. Even when technology appears to be more sophisticated than ever before, art forms are losing the attraction and enthrallment they once possessed only a few generations ago. Everyone dreamed of being a firefighter, a police officer, or a plumber when they were little. I'm willing to wager that your ideal profession does not involve plumbing these days, at least not until you start to play plumber and repair water and oil pipelines!! Your goal in this game is to avoid leaks and flooding by joining the oil pipelines and permitting a successful flow of oil through them, just as it is in real life. If you don't want to get overwhelmed by problems, you'll have to show that you can think logically instead of putting in a lot of effort.

  • Instructions:

    Use Mouse to play

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