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    Description: - is a free Minecraft style game. Mine resources, buy in the store and put generators for energy production, put selling blocks to sell resources and energy for money. Buy improved tools, armor, new generators, and automatic miners. Protect your buildings with walls and Tesla coils. Get resources from ores: coal ore iron ore golden ore diamond ore uranium ore Each type of ore has its own miner for automatic extraction of resources. Put the generators: manual generator - generates energy from interacting with it. Not effective, but suitable when there are no other options. solar generator - generates energy from sunlight. wind generator - generates energy from wind. coal generator - generates energy from coal. geothermal generator - generates energy from lava. water turbine - generates energy from water. nuclear generator - generates energy from uranium. Each generator consumes something (or not) and produces energy. Place the “Small seller” or “Big seller” block to sell resources for money. For money you can buy an improved tools: wooden pickaxe - the easiest pickaxe. It produces a few resources, but the cheapest. iron pickaxe - improved pickaxe. Mining more resources. With it, you can mine gold. golden pickaxe - improved pickaxe. Mining more resources. With it, you can mine diamonds. diamond pickaxe - the best pick that does not require energy. Mining more resources. With it, you can mine uranium. drill - dimple electric drill. It extracts more resources, but consumes energy during operation. diamond drill - the best tool for resource extraction. It extracts a huge amount of resources per hit, but also consumes more energy. wrench - removes your blocks. Hit your block with a wrench to remove the block. You can buy armor: leather armor - hard to call it armor, but it's better than nothing. iron armor - absorbs part of the damage. golden armor - better than iron armor, it absorbs more damage. And players like to show off at her. diamond armor - the most durable armor that does not require energy. A great choice if you do not have generators, but have a lot of money o_O nano armor - carbon fiber armor. It protects better than a diamond armor but consumes energy while absorbing damage. quantum armor - the best armor! Effectively absorbs most of the damage, but consumes more energy. Alas, it does not protect against coronavirus. Protect your buildings with walls, Tesla coils and put a bed that will revive you after death. MineEnergy will let you have fun and not let you get bored!

  • Instructions:

    W A S D - Move Left Mouse Button - Attack Place block Left Shift - Speed up E - Shop

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