Freaky Monster Rush – Running Game

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  • Freaky Monster Rush – Running Game


    Freaky Monster Rush Haunt the nightmares of your enemies with Freaky Monster Rush! Get into a new skin, shift shapes, and chase the humans on your way! Take walls down with a single hit, throw people into a pool of poison, complete your transformation, and become the embodiment of fear! Break your chains, escape from the hands of the evil scientists, and seek revenge! You are finally free to walk the path to your freedom and put an end to all your miseries, but before that, you need closure. A violent one, of course. Step on the platform and follow the path to your revenge. You can move left and right to collect the elixirs and keep your health points high. Hitting obstacles, barrels, and walls can damage you a little, but it’s nothing a little elixir cannot fix. Punch the guards to get them out of your way and walk through the same-colored doors. With these doors, you can modify your limbs and look like a real monster. Collect all pieces, avoid lava and deadly traps, and reach the final stage to get voted by doctors. But watch out! A surprise boss might be waiting at the end. Size up, face the enemy, and throw them into the depths of the universe!

  • Instructions:

    Tap or click

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