Counterfeit Cat: Nine Lives

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  • Counterfeit Cat: Nine Lives


    The game is about a curious blue alien disguised in a purple cat suit and Max, a real cat, big, fat, fluffy, yellow and constantly pampered by his loving owner Betty. Walk the streets full of gold coins and Lots of enemies alongside best friends Max and Gark as you manage to survive dangerous attacks from dangerous boxing sausages wanting to knock you down in one fell swoop. Playing counterfeit cat: nine lives!!! free online game support all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system The idea of this free online game is based on the 9 lives of cats. This is not true, you know? Cats don't actually have 9 lives. It is simply believed that they are because they are hesitant, dexterous and slender, able to land on their feet being thrown from great heights, and they are animals that hunt, which makes them have many instincts, which seem very confusing to humans. We even envy cats for their apparent elasticity and ability to fit into various small holes and jump effectively between various surfaces. And many of us wish we were cats, because cats sleep more than 80% of their lives. In this free online game, you are required to run through the levels, avoiding getting hit or killed. And you advance until you have 9 lives left initially.

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