Color Blocks Collapse 24

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  • Color Blocks Collapse 24


    This is another free puzzle game developed by Myhiddengame. In this game, you will be given a large playing field that contains many blocks of different colors, and your goal is to clear the playing field by removing all the blocks. Collapse blocks by clicking groups of blocks of the same color. The larger the group you collapse, the higher the score you will get. But if you collapse only 1 block, you will lose 100 points. Click on the colored globe to collapse all the blocks of the same color. Click on the bomb to collapse a group of 3x3 blocks. Click on the shurikens to collapse the vertical and horizontal row of blocks. Your progress will be saved. So feel free to play again and again to get a higher score. Get the required number of points to move to the next level. Can you complete all 40 levels of the game? Good luck!

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