Boat Rescue Simulator Mobile

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  • Boat Rescue Simulator Mobile


    You will have to decide whether to be a "hero" and offer others a chance of survival by saving more than just your own life or if you will solely try to keep your own life. You have been tasked as a boat driver to rescue as many people as possible from the sinking ship. You are responsible for directing your staff to the disaster scene and rescuing all passengers. As the driver of a rescue ship, you will have to contend with various challenges, all of which must be surmounted, including blazes, locked doors, flooded chambers, damaged electronics, and even parkour-like challenges. Conquer every difficulty that stands in your path. In addition, the ship is rapidly taking on water, and there needs to be more time to rescue every unfortunate soul. Your work will be made more difficult by things like damaged goods, icebergs, and furniture that needs to be more organized. The Ship Games Life Boat Simulator has top-notch 3D visuals, coupled with a variety of levels that have been thoughtfully crafted and almost flawless ship simulations. You will be satisfied as you have been with previous ship games. We are excited to bring you this new Fleet Games Life Boat Simulator and hope you like it.

  • Instructions:

    Use WASD to drive for mobile you use button UI

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